Hiking In Fall Creek Falls

Suspension Bridge

Hiking at Fall Creek Falls State Park

Hiking In Fall Creek Falls tops the list of activities in this region, especially at Fall Creek Falls State Park—Tennessee’s largest state park. Trails cater to all skill levels, welcoming a diverse group of hikers. Most visitors plan their trips around the park’s numerous waterfalls, including the towering Fall Creek Falls, which stands over 250 feet.

Trails and Waterfalls

The park features several trails with different vantage points for waterfall viewing. The Cable Trail offers a thrilling descent down a steep cliff, with a cable assist for the climb back up. For a relaxing hike, the Woodland Trail provides a gentler experience with stunning views.

Other Notable Trails

Explore Burgess Falls and its award-winning butterfly garden, or take on a climbing challenge at Sunset Rock, a top destination for rock climbers in the Southeast. Whether you plan a dedicated hiking trip or seek a spontaneous adventure, the Cumberland Plateau’s trails deliver memorable experiences.

Hiking in Fall Creek Falls State Park

Discover the Cumberland Plateau’s Outdoor Adventures

The Cumberland Plateau in Middle Tennessee offers premier outdoor adventures. Rising 1000 feet above the Tennessee Valley, this natural wonder extends from Kentucky through Tennessee into Georgia and Alabama. It boasts a rich array of fauna and vegetation.


Featured Hiking Trails at Fall Creek Falls

Discover the beauty of Fall Creek Falls State Park through its diverse trails:

Start Your Adventure

With numerous state parks offering accessible trails, every visitor can find the perfect path to explore the Cumberland Plateau’s natural beauty.

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