Gorge Overlook Trail

For hikers of Fall Creek Falls State Park who enjoy taking the scenic route, Gorge Overlook Trail is top notch. Part of the Woodland Trail, the Gorge Overlook Trail takes hikers on a gorgeous loop showcasing some of the best views in the park.

Once on the Woodland Trail which begins outside the Nature Station, hikers wishing to access the trail need to take a right when the trail splits. By taking a left hikers continue on to the Fall Creek Falls Overlook of the famed two-hundred-and-fifty-six foot waterfall. But, by taking a right and embarking on the Gorge Overlook Trail, hikers get to experience vistas like none other in the park.

Woodland Trail

The main trail loops back around to the Woodland Trail with offshoots leading to the various overlooks. The first side trail leads hikers to the Cane Creek and Rockhouse Falls overlook. These natural wonders can be seen from the Nature Center, but are not nearly as spectacular as when viewed from the tOverlook Trail. The next two side trails lead to views of the Cane Creek Gorge. The final side trail takes you to Rocky Point Overlook, offering a vista of Fall Creek Falls Gulf and Cane Creek Gorge.

After the last side trail, the main trail loops around and meets back up with The Woodland Trail. Though considered easy to hike and only a little over a mile long, hikers should keep in mind that the overlooks contain sheer bluffs and very high drop-offs. This hike may not be suitable for families with small children. Also, loose rocks and stones are always a hazard when hiking in Fall Creek Falls State Park.

Technical Features of the Gorge Overlook Trail

Trail FeatureDetails
Trail NameGorge Overlook Trail
LocationFalls Creek Falls State Park
Trail Length2.7 miles
Difficulty RatingModerate
Estimated Duration1-2 hours
Elevation Gain770 feet
Trail TypeLollipop Loop
Key Features
Scenic ViewsPanoramic views of the gorge
Varied TerrainForested paths and rocky sections
WildlifeOpportunities to see local flora and fauna
Recommended for
HikersThose seeking a moderate challenge
Nature EnthusiastsInterested in scenic views and wildlife
PhotographersSeeking picturesque landscapes
Trailhead Coordinates[Insert GPS coordinates here]
Safety Tips
WeatherCheck conditions before hiking
FootwearWear appropriate for mixed terrain
Trail AdherenceStay on marked trails
EssentialsCarry water and snacks
Wildlife SafetyMaintain a safe distance
Additional Notes
Trail MaintenanceWell-marked and maintained
DesignUnique lollipop loop experience
Elevation ProfileGradual elevation gain
Wheelchairs/StrollersNot suitable due to uneven terrain

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