Deer Creek Golf Course

The Cumberland Plateau, known for some of the most breathtaking scenery in the United States, is a golf Mecca. These courses are perfect for vacationers in Middle Tennessee and its numerous state parks. Specifically, for those visiting Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee’s largest state park, a mere thirty-minute drive leads to Crossville. Here, the Deer Creek Golf Club awaits, offering luxury and an exquisite Par 72 course.

Local legend Robert Renaud designed this unique course, skillfully incorporating natural elements found only on the Cumberland Plateau. The course, built around Lake Genesis, invites visitors to a relaxing and enjoyable day of golf.

The Deer Creek Golf Course Clubhouse Experience

Post-game, guests at the Deer Creek Clubhouse can unwind with a soda or beer in the lounge or grab a burger at the snack bar. The lounge offers a luxurious relaxation experience. Additionally, the back deck is perfect for lengthy conversations over beers, all while basking in the ideal weather of the Cumberland Plateau.

For golfing guidance, a resident professional is on hand daily for advice or private lessons. The club also features a practice green and driving range. For those who’ve left their clubs at home, golf club rentals are readily available.

Visiting Deer Creek Golf Club is a rewarding experience for any golfer vacationing at Fall Creek Falls State Park. Its unique geography, professionally developed course, and Southern hospitality ensure that guests will consider Deer Creek Golf Course a destination worth revisiting.

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