Fall Creek Falls Hunting

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7,000 acres

Region III Office (931) 484-9571 • 

Dog training prohibited. Vehicle parking restricted to designated parking areas only during the hunting season. No parking allowed on roadside grass. All deer and turkey hunters must sign register at Park Headquarters before hunting. Harvested big game must be checked in at Park Headquarters. Coyotes may be taken on any hunt with weapons legal for that hunt.

 Squirrel – Dec. 1 – last day of Feb. Shotguns only. Spring squirrel season is closed.

 Deer (Archery) – Four hunts: Nov. 7 – 9, 10 – 12, 13 – 15, Dec. 11 – 13. Two deer, no more than one antlered (bonus deer).

Deer (Hunts for Warriors – Shotgun/Muzzleloader – Golf Course Zone) – One hunt: Dec. 1 – 2. Hunter quota 15. Two deer, no more than one antlered (bonus deer).

 Turkey (Archery) – One hunt: Apr. 3 – 11. One bearded turkey per day, not to exceed two turkeys. Counts towards statewide bag limit.