Fall Creek Falls Hunting

Fall Creek Falls Hunting Guide

Overview of Hunting at Fall Creek Falls Fall Creek Falls State Park offers a robust 7,000-acre area dedicated to various hunting activities, providing outdoor enthusiasts with an extensive range of hunting opportunities. The park adheres to specific rules and regulations to ensure a safe and responsible hunting environment.

Contact Information For detailed information and inquiries, hunters can contact the Region III Office at (931) 484-9571.

Hunting Regulations and Requirements

During the hunting season, Fall Creek Falls imposes specific guidelines to maintain safety and conservation standards:

  • All deer and turkey hunters must register at the Park Headquarters before commencing their hunt.
  • Hunters must check in harvested big game at Park Headquarters.
  • Parking is restricted to designated areas only; roadside grass parking is prohibited.
  • Coyotes are permissible for hunting on any scheduled hunt day, using weapons legal for that specific hunt.
Photo by Tricia W on Pexels.com

Squirrel Hunting Season

Hunters looking to pursue squirrels can do so from December 1st through the last day of February using shotguns only. Note that the park does not permit squirrel hunting during the spring season.

Deer Hunting Seasons

Deer hunting in Fall Creek Falls is available through specific archery hunts scheduled as follows:

  • November 7-9
  • November 10-12
  • November 13-15
  • December 11-13

Each hunter is allowed to harvest two deer per hunt, with the stipulation that no more than one may be antlered. These hunts also count as bonus deer opportunities.

Hunts for Warriors

An exclusive hunting event for warriors takes place over two days, from December 1-2, focusing on a specific zone around the golf course. This hunt is limited to 15 hunters and permits the taking of two deer, with no more than one antlered. This opportunity is for shotgun and muzzleloader hunters.

Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunters can participate in an archery-only hunt from April 3-11. Hunters are allowed one bearded turkey per day, with a total of no more than two turkeys for the hunt. This count goes towards the statewide bag limit.

Enjoy a Responsible Hunting Experience

Fall Creek Falls State Park provides a picturesque setting for hunters to engage in their sport. By adhering to the park’s regulations and respecting the designated hunting seasons and limits, hunters can enjoy a fulfilling outdoor experience while contributing to the conservation of the park’s natural resources. Whether targeting deer, turkey, or even coyotes, Fall Creek Falls offers a diverse habitat that challenges and rewards hunters of all experience levels. So, pack your gear, respect the rules, and prepare for a memorable hunting adventure in one of Tennessee’s most scenic outdoor settings.

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