Cane Creek Falls

Cane Creek Falls is located within Fall Creek Falls State Park. It is one of the six large Fall Creek waterfalls, which are some of the most impressive waterfalls in the East. The Falls have an 85’ drop into a deep plunge pool, and while not the tallest of the falls, it is the largest by volume of all the Fall Creek waterfalls.

The pool at the bottom is deep enough for a great swim.

Cane Creek Falls is easily visible from overlooks and trails. The easiest view can be obtained on an overlook just right of the entrance to the nature center. It is a short easy walk, but has a couple of steps so may not be wheelchair accessible. The Gorge Trail goes from the nature center to Fall Creek Falls, but has a spur trail that offers another great view of these Falls.

The 5-mile Paw Paw Trail has an overlook about halfway through, marked by a sign that says “Cane Creek Falls Overlook”. The view may be partially blocked by leafy trees, and although still beautiful, a better view can be had by following a spur off the Paw Paw Trail. However, this trail isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is a short hike. The Cable Trail, is so called because it is lined with cables to assist walkers, leads hikers to the base of the falls. The 45 degree trail is punctuated with loose rocks, very steep areas, and areas where a little climbing will be necessary.

Cane Creek is responsible for carving the Cane Creek Gorge, currently protected by the 22,000 acre Fall Creek Falls State Park. The gorge is home to what may be nearly the last of the Carolina and Eastern hemlocks not yet infested with the hemlock wooly adelgid. There is no admission charge to enter Fall Creek Falls State Park, and there is ample camping and amenities. However, permits are required to use the long distance backpacking trails.

Cane Creek Falls (85Ft. drop)

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