Fall Creek Falls Cable Trail

Fall Creek Falls State Park is home to Tennessee’s highest waterfall at 265 feet. This impressive and mighty natural wonder attracts visitors from all over.

The state park offers several activities for visitors from horseback riding to trail hiking. For those trail enthusiasts brave enough to attempt it, the Fall Creek Falls Cable Trail will not disappoint.Just a quarter of a mile long, the Fall Creek Falls Cable Trail is located just off the Paw-Paw Trail and leads hikers to some of the best views available on the Cumberland Plateau. Starting at the highest point on the trail, hikers must climb their way down using a cable for support (hence the name).

Along the way down, visitors can enjoy the rhododendrons that line the trail.Once at the bottom, there is a shallow creek ready to explore. Some may spend a few hours relaxing with a picnic or book with the sound of a waterfall behind them, or explore the wildlife by chasing salamanders or lizards. The hike back up is the real challenge on this trail. The steep incline and slippery rocks make this a dangerous task and not to be taken lightly.

Anyone climbing back should always be aware of those beneath them and be careful not to dislodge rocks that may fall down the trail.Whether one is a veteran hiker or just looking for a physical challenge, the Fall Creek Falls Cable Trail is the place to visit. With its panoramic views and lazy creek ripe for splashing, a day can easily be spent on and off this short trail.

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