Coon Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls

Introduction to Coon Creek Falls

Coon Creek Falls is a seasonal waterfall, plunging 250 feet into Fall Creek Gorge. This waterfall only appears during wet seasons, offering a spectacular display.

Seasonal Splendor of Coon Creek Falls

Its presence is magnificent, sharing a drop basin with the famous Fall Creek Falls. When flowing, Coon Creek Falls enhances the park’s extraordinary scenery. The 250-foot drop is a picture difficult to replicate worldwide.

The Best Times to Visit

Visit shortly after rainfall for the best view. If it rains while you’re there, plan your hike for the following day. Witnessing both falls in action is an unforgettable experience.

Exploring Beyond the Falls

The park offers over 56 miles of trails. These cater to everyone from casual walkers to serious hikers.

Outdoor Activities at Fall Creek Falls State Park

Local Flora and Fauna

The area boasts diverse wildlife and lush vegetation. Expect to see white-tailed deer, raccoons, and various birds. Spring brings wildflowers, adding color to the park.

Photography and Nature Watching

Each season offers unique photo opportunities. Fall brings vibrant colors; spring offers greenery and flowers. The park’s geography provides excellent spots for both panoramic and close-up shots.

Community and Conservation Efforts

Local groups and park authorities work together to preserve this natural wonder. Their efforts ensure its beauty and ecological health for future generations.

Visitor Information and Amenities

The park is well-equipped for visitors. Amenities include picnic areas, campgrounds, and visitor centers with educational displays. Check the park’s website or contact the office for detailed visitor information.

A Must-Visit for Nature Lovers

Whether you’re into hiking, observing nature, or photography, these Falls are a must-see. Don’t miss its serene beauty after rainfall and the many natural treasures of Fall Creek Falls State Park.

NameCoon Creek Falls
LocationFall Creek Gorge
TypeSeasonal waterfall
Height250 feet
Best Viewing SeasonDuring or immediately after rainfall
Nearby AttractionsFall Creek Falls
Unique AspectsShares a drop basin with Fall Creek Falls; less known
Visitor TipBest seen after rainfall for dual view of Coon and Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls Map


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