Woodland Trail

Fall Creek Falls Woodland Trail

Hiking the Fall Creek Falls Woodland Trail

Perhaps the most popular activity for visitors to Fall Creek Falls State Park is admiring the waterfalls that decorate this amazing landscape. In the park are four waterfalls with the largest one being the largest fall in Tennessee at an awe-inspiring two-hundred-and-fifty-six feet. To reach the waterfalls and enjoy the views, one must take a hike along the Woodland Trail.

The Woodland Trail is the main trail leading to the park’s namesake waterfall (the largest). Beginning just outside the Nature Center, the trail is .8 miles long and is considered easy. The trail begins with a trip across the Cascades on a sturdy swinging bridge. Once across, the trail leads hikers up permanent steps leading to the top of the gorge. After a short uphill climb the trail splits and those wanting to continue with the Woodland Trail stay to the left.

The trail goes on for another half of a mile and crosses over Fall Creek and Coon Creek with some up and down hiking. The end is worth the hike, though, as the trail’s completion is at the Fall Creek Falls Overlook. Restrooms are located at this point, and hikers can either return the way they came or continue on another trail beginning at the Overlook.

One of the most travelled trails in Fall Creek Falls State Park, the Woodland Trail offers visitors a pleasant hike with the reward a view of the magnificent Fall Creek Falls waterfall. This trail is ideal for beginners, families with young children, or anyone with physical need that might keep them off the more difficult trails in the park. Though considered easy, hikers should always practice caution when hiking and be aware that steps might be slippery, creek water may be high, and the forest is home to animals which may be startled if surprised.

The Woodland Trail

Woodland Trail

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