Hiking In Fall Creek Falls

The Cumberland Plateau in Middle Tennessee offers some of the country’s best outdoor adventures. A plateau running from Kentucky, through Tennessee and into Georgia and Alabama, this natural wonder rises 1000 feet over the Tennessee Valley and is home to a diverse and abundant mixture of wildlife and vegetation. Perhaps the most popular activity in this region is hiking. With numerous state parks, like the largest in Tennessee, Fall Creek Falls State Park, hiking trails are many and hikers of all experience levels are welcome. Most visitors to the area like to plan their hikes around the many waterfalls throughout the region. The largest waterfall at over 250 feet can be found in the Fall Creek Falls State Park.

Several trails wind through the park and visitors can view a number of waterfalls from varying vantage points. One of the most popular trails is the Cable Trail which gives hikers a challenging hike down a steep cliff to explore the lazy creek below with its cascading waterfall. A cable runs through the trail as hikers must use the cable to navigate their way back to the top. Other trails can be found in state parks and natural areas, such as Burgess Falls which has won awards for its butterfly garden, open to visitors year round. Hikers looking for a challenge can visit Sunset Rock, one of the Southeast’s premier rock climbing sites. Whether visiting the Cumberland Plateau with hiking as one’s main planned activity or as a last-minute adventure, trails are plentiful and easily accessible. With an abundance of state parks to begin one’s hiking journey, every visitor is sure to find the trail just right for them.

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