Fall Creek Falls Base Trail

Visitors to Fall Creek Falls State Park who enjoy a real challenge should try their hands at the Fall Creek Falls Base Trail. While only .8 miles long (.4 miles each way), this rocky trail is physically demanding, but well worth the reward.

The trail begins at the Fall Creek Falls Overlook, which allows visitors to view the largest waterfall in the state of Tennessee. Shortly into the hike another panorama is available for visitors and many hikers decide to come for the view and turn back around.

For anyone ready to take on the rest of the trail, a steep descent to the bottom of the waterfall awaits. A series of switchbacks comprise the trail. The path is mostly rocks and hikers are urged to use caution when climbing down as loose rocks do happen. A handrail is provided and should most definitely be used! Though tempting, hikers should never trail blaze in an effort to shortcut the series of switchbacks.

Once at the bottom, hikers can explore the bottom of the great waterfall, the gorge, or just admire the wonder of it all. As one descends there is an obvious drop in temperature and mist and spray from the wet giant fill the air. Sounds of wildlife and insects are softly accompanied by the roar of the water crashing into the creek below.

The hike back up the trail is quite challenging. Hikers should always pay attention to, and obey, any signs posted as they are for one’s protection. On the way back up the handrail comes in very useful and caution should once again be employed. Diligence ought to be paid to loose rocks. For hikers who need a break from the tolling climb, there are several rocks available for breaks.

For anyone wanting to get up close and personal with Fall Creek Fall’s legendary waterfall, this trail is the ticket!

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