Newton Ford Picnic Area


Discover the Newton Ford Picnic Area at Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee

The Newton Ford Picnic Area in Tennessee’s Fall Creek Falls State Park is situated within a vast and expansive area. It is a peaceful place where people who love nature can go to enjoy its beauty. Besides, the picnic area is not just about eating; it has an opportunity of leading one into some of the less trodden parts of the park, such as the beautiful Chinquapin Ridge Mountain Bike Trail.

Newton Ford Picnic Area

In the heart of Fall Creek Falls State Park, the Newton Ford Picnic Area offers an ideal location for visitors. Here’s how the picnic area connects to various attractions and activities:

Nearby Attractions and Activities

  • Fall Creek Falls and Piney Creek Falls: These iconic waterfalls are nearby, offering stunning views. They are easily accessible from the picnic area.
  • Betty Dunn Nature Center: Located just a short drive from the picnic area, this center offers educational programs about the park’s ecosystem.
  • Fall Creek Falls Golf Course: Nearby, this course combines leisure with breathtaking views, making it ideal for golf enthusiasts.

Exploration and Photography

  • Photography Workshops and Tips: The park’s diverse landscape is perfect for capturing its natural beauty, as detailed on the Fall Creek Falls Photography Tips website.
  • Wildlife Viewing: The area is rich in wildlife, offering both guided tours and solo excursions for wildlife spotting.

Extended Stays and Leisure

  • Grandview Cabins at Fall Creek Falls: These cabins provide comfortable lodging right within the park, close to the picnic area.
  • Campgrounds and RV Parks: Options like Mountain Glen RV Park and Campground cater to those who prefer to stay close to nature.

Cultural and Historical Insights

By situating the Newton Ford Picnic Area within the broader context of Fall Creek Falls State Park and its surrounding attractions, visitors can plan a comprehensive and engaging visit. This ensures a memorable experience that combines relaxation, adventure, and educational opportunities.

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