Rockhouse Falls

Rockhouse Falls is located within Fall Creek Falls State Park. It is one of the six large Fall Creek waterfalls, which are among the most spectacular falls in the East USA.

Rockhouse Falls has a 125’ drop and shares a plunge pool with Cane Creek Falls, a short100 or so feet away. It’s fed by Rockhouse Creek, and is the second tallest of the Fall Creek waterfalls, but it has the least amount of water volume. In fact, in summer Rockhouse Falls may be barely a trickle, but in spring or fall the water flow is stronger.

The falls can be seen from an overlook located close to the Nature Centre, which is positioned between the two falls. While the walk to the overlook is easy, it has steps so it may not be easily accessible by wheelchair, and it is not considered one of the best views of the falls. The Gorge Trail goes from the nature centre to Fall Creek Falls and has a spur leading off to another lookout where Rockhouse and Cane Creek Falls can be better seen. Another spur off the Paw Paw trail, called the Cable Trail, can lead you down to the base of both falls, but it is somewhat treacherous. It’s a short hike but has several 45 degree slopes marked with loose rocks and slippery areas. There is a cable to assist hikers, but this trail is best reserved for the experienced hiker.

The Fall Creek waterfalls are protected by the 22,000 acre Fall Creek Falls State Park. The gorge is home to old growth Carolina and Eastern Hemlocks, currently threatened by the hemlock woolly adelgid. There is no admission charge to enter the Fall Creek Falls Park, and there’s plentiful camping and amenities for visitors. Permits are required to use the long-distance backpacking trails.

Rockhouse Falls (125 Ft.)

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