Wildlife Viewing

The Cumberland Plateau, located in central Tennessee is home to some of the most diverse wildlife found on our planet. Rising 1000 feet over the Tennessee Valley it is a largely undeveloped and untouched wilderness.

With several state parks and natural areas in the region, like the Falls Creek Fall state park, wildlife viewing is an essential activity for anyone visiting.

There are several trails located on the Cumberland Plateau that offer ample opportunities for wildlife viewing whether interest lies in bird-watching, catching a glimpse of a mighty elk, or identifying turtles native to the area. Rich with a diverse eco-system, this swatch of hardwood forest is home to some species found nowhere else on Earth such as the Cumberland Plateau Salamander.

One such trail is the Falls Creek Fall Cable Trail, a short trail at only a quarter of a mile long, but unique in that it brings hikers, after a steep climb clinging to a cable for support, to a lookout over two waterfalls and miles of forest. This trail is a wonderful opportunity to view all types of wildlife from water fowl and reptiles to deer catching a drink at the river’s edge. Several state parks offer programs to learn more about wildlife viewing and the animals being viewed as well as guided tours through the parks. Educational programs run rampant for all ages and are available year round.

Whether one is ready to tackle one of the more difficult trails, a hike lasting a few days or just a healthy walk through the woods, the Cumberland Plateau offers wildlife viewing in abundance. Rich in natural resources and undisturbed wilderness, visitors can enjoy all variety of animals and birds.

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