Wildlife Viewing

Several deer congregate at Group Camp

Fall Creek Falls State Park and Other Natural Areas

With several state parks and natural areas in the region, like Fall Creek Falls State Park, wildlife viewing is a must-do activity for any visitor. The park’s diverse ecosystems make it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Wildlife Viewing at Fall Creek Falls State Park

Visitors to Fall Creek Falls State Park can expect to encounter a wide variety of wildlife. The park is home to white-tailed deer, raccoons, opossums, and even the occasional bobcat. Bird-watchers will delight in spotting species like the eastern bluebird, wild turkey, and red-tailed hawk. Near the park’s lakes and streams, you might see great blue herons, kingfishers, and various species of ducks.

Reptiles and Amphibians

The park’s diverse habitats also support a rich array of reptiles and amphibians. Look out for turtles basking on logs, various frog species in wetlands, and non-venomous snakes along the trails. The unique Cumberland Plateau Salamander is a rare sight, found only in this region.

Wildlife Viewing Trails on the Cumberland Plateau

There are several trails on the Cumberland Plateau that offer ample opportunities for wildlife viewing, whether you’re interested in bird-watching, catching a glimpse of a mighty elk, or identifying native turtles. This hardwood forest is home to unique species like the Cumberland Plateau Salamander, found nowhere else on Earth.

Falls Creek Falls Cable Trail

One notable trail is the Falls Creek Falls Cable Trail. Though only a quarter-mile long, this trail offers a unique experience. After a steep climb assisted by a cable, hikers reach a lookout over two waterfalls and miles of forest. This trail provides an excellent opportunity to view all types of wildlife, from waterfowl and reptiles to deer drinking at the river’s edge.

Educational Programs and Guided Tours

Several state parks, including Fall Creek Falls, offer programs to learn more about wildlife viewing and the animals in the area. These educational programs, available year-round, cater to all ages and include guided tours through the parks.

Diverse Wildlife Experiences

Whether you’re ready to tackle a challenging multi-day hike or prefer a leisurely walk through the woods, the Cumberland Plateau offers abundant wildlife viewing opportunities. Rich in natural resources and undisturbed wilderness, visitors can enjoy a variety of animals and birds.

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