Foglight Foodhouse

Middle Tennessee may be a little on the rural side and might conjure images of country living to the average visitor. Though the case in many instances, Middle Tennessee is full of surprises, like the culinary wonder that is Foglight Foodhouse. Located on the Caney Fork River, in Walling, Tennessee, Foglight Foodhouse is little country and a little eclectic, and offers guests an exquisite menu.

The brainchild of brothers Ian, Paul and Edward Philpot, the restaurant was first opened in 1996 in a 1000 square foot shack. Fifteen years later and two brothers short, Edward is left running the restaurant. The new building is high on a bluff overlooking the Caney Fork River allowing its guests a panoramic view of the Cumberland Plateau. Decorated in yard-sale-chic, the restaurant is as interesting to look at as the food is to eat. Murals painted by Edward’s brother-in-law decorate the wall and peanut sacks cover the ceiling.

Cooking classes are offered bi-monthly to residents of Middle Tennessee as well as visitors of local parks and other natural attractions. There is a large meeting room with state-of-the-art facilities, including a projector with extra large screen and sound system, to accommodate most large groups.

When exploring the waterfalls, trails and hidden caves that create the naturalistic playground that is the Cumberland Plateau, visitors should remember that great dining isn’t just for big cities. Such gems as the Foglight Foodhouse are guaranteed to impress and offer a memorable experience. So when visiting Fall Creek Falls, visitors should grab a friend and head on over to the Foglight Foodhouse for local beers and a night to remember.

Foglight Foodhouse

275 Powerhouse Road

Walling, TN 38587-5018

(931) 657-2364

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