Grand View Golf Course

After spending a day hiking the Fall Creek Falls, visitors to Eastern and Middle Tennessee can relax at the Grandview Golf Club. Located just a few minutes from Fall Creek Falls State Park, this lodge and resort offers world-class golfing.

Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains, visitors can enjoy a round of golf or practice their swing while admiring the amazing views.

The golf course is just part of the Grandview Resort and Lodge which, besides golf, offers fishing, hiking, and live entertainment for guests. This rustic golf retreat offers private and group lessons, a covered driving range, golf course membership and club rentals.The Cumberland Plateau which is home to the Grandview Golf Club is also responsible for the many waterfalls attracting visitors from around the globe.

The Falling Water River travels through the plateau creating mesmerizing waterfalls such as Tennessee’s largest waterfall, the Falls Creek Fall at 256 feet, and Burgess Falls. The beautiful waterfalls can be easily accessed by hiking trails found in state parks and natural areas maintained by the state of Tennessee. Regardless of which natural beauty brings a family to Middle Tennessee, they should not feel that catching a game of golf is out of the question. Grandview Resort and Golf Club offers an oasis amid the spectacular beauty of the Cumberland Plateau.

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