Penny’s General Store

As if Fall Creek Falls State Park didn’t offer enough, Penny’s General Store is located just outside the North Entrance to the park. Though meek in name, this shopper’s paradise is anything but! A unique and impressive collection of antiques and household items create a playground for those needing a little retail-therapy after a long hike or day on the lake.

Antiques make up a large part of Penny’s merchandise. Shoppers can find vintage kitchen utensils, jewelry, nutcrackers, hand-stitched quilts and genuine Civil War relics. Penny’s is also proud to sell locally made products including folk art, hand-crafted totem poles and concrete yard sculptures made by Penny’s husband, Dan. They are also a licensed Case Knife dealer.

Penny’s General Store is open Tuesday through Sunday 9am to 6pm. Occasionally, Pickin’ Sessions occur in the backyard of Penny’s and everyone is welcome. During these impromptu Bluegrass music events, local celebrities are likely to attend making a memorable event for tourists.

Fall Creek Falls visitors should keep Penny’s General Store in mind when needing a break from the all the activities the park has to offer. With a location walking distance from the campground, Fall Creek Falls Inn, or cabins scattered around the park, Penny’s is a great spot to lose oneself for a few hours exploring local craftsmanship and discovering antiques probably not seen since childhood days at Granny’s house.

Penny’s General Store & Antiques

12277 Park Rd.

Pikeville, TN 37367-6713

(423) 881-5362

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