George Dickel Distillery

George Dickel Distillery

While exploring the natural beauty of Fall Creek Falls State Park, don’t miss a visit to one of Tennessee’s historical gems, the George Dickel Distillery in Cascade Landing near Tullahoma, Tennessee. Located high atop the Cumberland Plateau, this tiny crossroads is known for its distinctive whisky, made unique by the area’s natural spring water.

History of George Dickel Distillery

George Dickel, the distillery’s original proprietor and namesake, selected this location for its pure spring water, which he believed created a smoother whisky, akin to the finest Scotch whiskies. In honor of this similarity, he omitted the ‘e’ from his whisky, distinguishing it from other Tennessee whiskeys.

First opened in 1870, the distillery quickly became one of the state’s most successful whisky producers. However, production halted with the advent of Prohibition, and for forty years, Dickel Whisky faded from public memory. In 1958, Ralph Dupps resurrected the distillery, using George Dickel’s original notes to revive the unique whisky-making process.

Visit and Tours

Today, you can tour this historic distillery and learn about its rich history. Guided tours are available year-round from Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Reservations are recommended for groups to ensure availability.

Discover More Than Just Whisky

While enjoying Fall Creek Falls State Park, venture out to George Dickel Distillery to delve deeper into the heritage of the Cumberland Plateau. By visiting this historic site, you’ll discover not just whisky, but also the legacy of an Appalachian legend.

Visit George Dickel Distillery to experience a taste of Tennessee’s rich whisky heritage, rooted in history and tradition.

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