January 3, 2017
January 3, 2017


Piney Creek Falls is located within Fall Creek Falls State Park. It is one of the six large Fall Creek waterfalls, which are some of the most impressive waterfalls in the East. Piney Creek Falls has a 95’ drop, and while it’s not the most visited falls in the park because it is the most remote, it is well worth the trip to see this 2-tiered beauty.

The creek cascades over the edge of a rock face, then fans out as it crashes into rocks halfway down. Piney Creek is responsible for cutting the deep, steep walled gorge in which it flows.

Piney Creek Falls is located on Piney Creek about a mile above where it combines with Cane Creek. It is the most remote of the Fall Creek waterfalls, and sadly, there are no unobstructed views from the canyon rim. Seeing it from the base is by far the better view, but it’s difficult due to the steep canyon walls. These obstacles, unfortunately, make it the least visited of the waterfalls, reserving its full beauty for only the most hardy of hikers.

Seeing Piney Creek Falls from the rim is relatively easy. From the parking area it’s just a short walk down to the overlook, which gives a slightly obstructed view. If starting from Fall Creek Falls, it’s a 2-mile walk on the connecting trail. Getting to the base of the falls is a little more difficult. At Fall Creek Falls there is a trail that goes to the floor of the gorge. From there, it’s about a 5-mile hike down Cane Creek then up Piney Creek to the base of the falls. Great care should be taken, however, because rescue crews have been sent to rescue those who underestimated the difficulty of the hike, so be sure that you are experienced enough for this challenge.

Piney Creek (95 Ft.)